Week 6- Turkey

Saturday, August 21, 2010

This was a very short week because we took a field trip when we were finished cooking to two ethnic grocery stores. One was a “European” grocery store, but I guess it had more of a Bosnian influence. The other was an Indian grocery store. At the first store, we tasted a rose gel dessert and a nut gel dessert. I was not thrilled with either of these items. The rose, as Chef Dawn said, “tastes like your grandmother’s perfume.” My grandmother doesn’t wear perfume, but I got what she was saying, and it was accurate. I was very interested in all the chocolates and desserts they had available. The second store had a very different feel to it. You were hit with an intense incense odor upon the door being opened. I did find the price of dates to be very good. It was only $5.25 for a 2# tub of pitted dates. I usually pay $6.99 for a 1# container and have to pit them myself. I’ll be trying those the next time I need dates. I also found the massive container of puffed rice to be unique, as well as the candy coated seeds. I am very interested in homeopathic medicine, so the information that these seeds were used after meals to clean teeth as well as to reduce tooth pain was fascinating for me.

Prior to going on the field trip, we cooked Turkish food. I made lavash (flat bread), rice pilaf, and prepped the fried eggplant and zucchini as well as making the yogurt and garlic dip for that.

The flat bread was alright, but I preferred it the least of all the flat breads we have prepared so far.

The rice pilaf was good. I actually made it again with dinner one night this last week.

I enjoyed the fried eggplant very much, especially with the yogurt dip. I was surprised at the level of enjoyment I had of both. I only ate 2 of the pieces, though, because they are fried and unhealthy. I liked the dip very, very much, though, and will be making it as a dip for veggies in the future.

As far as the other student’s food go, I enjoyed the flavor of the lamb for the lamb kabobs.

I also liked the figs in syrup, although it was very sweet and I can’t see eating more than two or three of them.

The fish balls were amazing! I, again, can’t see eating them often or in great quantities, though, because of the fry factor.

I enjoyed the grilled cheese less than I thought I would. The texture was a little rubbery and I hated the fact that it squeaked on my teeth when I chewed.

A special thank you goes out to Marc's brother, Chris. Marc told him of the need for a better camera and he sent us a very, VERY nice one. I need to play around with the settings, but soon my food pictures should be nice and crisp. THANK YOU, CHRIS!!!!!! You are MUCH too good to us! We can't wait to see you next week!!! I will be thanking you with food!


Broken said...

you should try bulgarian cuisine

varunner said...

Your food looks amazing! Nice pics. I could do without the figs though.
I've eaten one of those rose things before. Yuck!

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