Week 2- Sandwiches (only one day)

Saturday, October 23, 2010

This week we prepared sandwiches. I was in charge of the Club Sandwich, the Roasted Beet and Goat Cheese Pita, and the tri (really bi) color bean salad. I was a little disappointed that I didn’t get to use any of my cute cutters to make the sandwiches shapes, but Chef assured me that next week I can use them for Tea Sandwiches.

The Club Sandwich is a classic. It is three pieces of toasted bread that is spread with mayonnaise and then topped with salt and pepper, lettuce, bacon, tomato and turkey. It is speared with frilled toothpicks and cut in half or quarters. This sandwich has a beautiful, clean look when it is sliced properly and set up on end on the plate. It also, incidentally, can really hit the spot.

The fruit salad was not my favorite as far as fruit salads go. The mango and papaya were not ripe enough for me. I like my mango so juicy that it is dripping when you cut into it and this mango was extremely hard still and practically juiceless. I also am not a huge fan of papaya. The pineapple was fantastic, though, and you can’t go wrong with a honey and yogurt dip in my book.

I was unsure, at first, about the Roasted Beet and Goat Cheese Pita. I’ve not really been a big beet fan to this point, but was pleasantly bowled over by how delicious this “sandwich” was. It was light yet packed with flavors. I adored the cream cheese and goat cheese mixture that was spread inside the pita before being stuffed with the baby greens, snow peas, green onion, beets, and cucumber tossed with the dressing. I also was satisfied with the recipe calling for the peas, onion, beets, and cucumber to be julienned. It made the pieces noticeable but not unpalatable. My favorite part was, surprisingly, the beets. They gave a nice sweet flavor that I wasn’t expecting and it contrasted nicely with the tang of the dressing. The only challenge was opening the pita. The pitas we got were pocketless (seriously? I didn’t even know they MADE those...what’s the point??) so they were extremely difficult to open and stuff. One was semi successful, the other I just cut in quarters and made into sandwiches.

The Curly Endive and Apple Salad wasn’t really my favorite either. The dressing was too bitter for me. If the dressing had been sweeter I would have really enjoyed it.

The veggie wrap was a basic veggie wrap. I would definitely have this again if I was looking for something light for lunch.

The tri color bean salad was not in my top favorite dishes I have prepared. I didn’t love the flavors and I slightly undercooked the black beans. Beans are definitely not my strong suit. I could use a little work on them. I have a tough time cooking them to the correct doneness. I either undercook them or overcook them turning them into mush. Not pleasing unless you are having refried beans (and that is DEFINITELY not one of my favorite dishes).

The tuna sandwich wasn’t my favorite either. I just don’t care for canned tuna without mayo unless it is on a salad. On a sandwich, it needs mayo, in my opinion.

The New Potato Salad was delightful. The potatoes were well cooked and everything was well seasoned.

Next week we are preparing tea sandwiches!


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