Week 9- Latin

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The food this week in Latin was very "blah" for me this week. The only dish that I thought was decent was the Shrimp in Green Sofrito Sauce. I thought it was actually a little too sweet and I would have liked a small amount more of heat to it, but it was simple to prepare and was tasty.

I also prepared the Salad of Hearts of Palm with Passion Fruit Vinaigrette. This was absolutely NOT a favorite of mine. I'm not a huge fan of Hearts of Palm. They smell funny and have a weird texture. The passion fruit vinaigrette was extremely tart and I just didn't love the passion fruit taste of it. I would not make or eat this again. Well, maybe if you paid me.

On to week 10! Week 10 is the cooking final in Latin, but we have one more week before the final in American Regional. After that you will all have to deal with a 3 week break, aside from all the yummy dessert treats I'm sure I will be making here at home since I will actually have the time. (HOPEFULLY!!!!!)


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