The most we can do...

Friday, November 13, 2009

Becca and John were able to get payments down to $350 a month. That is already amazing, considering what they were originally going to have to be. I emailed her today and asked if they would be able to lower them even more to a number that we felt more comfortable with. We just didn't want to promise to make a payment just to be able to begin when we aren't sure if we could continue with those payments long term. She emailed me back and after talking it over with everyone higher up, they accepted it! They said that there was a new financing option that wasn't even up and running yet but that I would be the first person to know and the first student they would do this for. Basically, the school is letting me make payments directly to them instead of an outside creditor and they are extending the payments out beyond graduation for me. I love this school!! The people there are so amazing and so supportive and have been so willing to bend over backwards to make this dream come true for me.



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