Christmas Surprise

Sunday, December 27, 2009

I have the best husband and family and friends ever.


Marc spent over a month leading up until Christmas organizing a massive Christmas surprise for me.

He contacted all the family and friends he could come up with the contact information for. He set up a gift registry at Williams-Sonoma and had everyone send the gifts *ie support* to our friends house along with notes of encouragement. On Christmas day he made me wait to open a jewelry shaped box from him until Tom and Jaime showed up. When I opened it, there was a note inside that took me on "The Amazing Chase." Tom and Jaime stayed with the kids and Marc and I wandered through the neighborhood finding clues and deciphering codes. Tom met me with a embroidered chef's coat *Yay!* and my final clue. We headed back to the house and there were all the gifts lined up in front of the tree. I was blown away by the love and support everyone showed me. I am well equipped now to begin this wonderful journey I never thought I would actually be taking. I definitely got choked up reading everyone's wonderful notes. I cannot tell you how much it touched me to have everyone do that for me. My husband is the best husband in the world and I don't know how I got so lucky as to find him on my first *and only!* try at marriage. I appreciate his thoughtfulness and his complete and total support of me in this endeavor and I am so thankful he made that initial contact with the school. Thank you to everyone who participated in my wonderful, best Christmas EVER, surprise!!!!


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