Monday, December 14, 2009

I got my schedule over the phone from Becca today!! It makes it so much more real! My schedule is amazing. I could not have asked for better time slots.

Monday 8-12 Sanitation and Safety
Tuesday 9-11 Dimensions of Culinary Education
1-2 Computer Literacy *I know, I know*
Wednesday 7-12 Fundamentals of Classical Techniques
Thursday 7-12 Fundamentals of Classical Techniques

No classes Friday.

This works so perfectly because Marc works Monday-Wednesday in the evenings so I'll have plenty of time to study on those nights and then he also works Saturday night which gives me time to study the things from Thursday's class. I'm sure I will study more than that, but the days work out well and that gave me a little thrill.

It's also great because Harmony is in preschool during those times so I really won't be missing out on much time with her. I think it will be good for Layla to spend more time with Marc and he's shown that he is really good with working with her. He is working on potty training and colors with her and it's really going well! I finally feel comfortable leaving Layla with anyone other than me. Anyone who met her when she was an infant or even fairly recently will understand that statement. She was an extremely high needs baby who had an attachment to me that I have never seen a child have with a mother before. I honestly think it had alot to do with her birth. With complete and total devotion to making sure that she felt secure as an infant, she finally has started to not freak out when strangers look at her, and even is ok when they talk to her now. She doesn't freak out when I leave the room or even the house anymore. She loves spending time with Daddy and going out with him by herself. I am so thankful that we have come to this point and that I am not feeling guilt at going to school and leaving the kids with Marc. I struggled with that for a bit, but this schedule makes me feel better. I still get to spend the whole afternoon and evening with the kids on school days.
I can't wait to get started!


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