Second quarter

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Today was my first day back for quarter number two. I started off with Baking at 7am. I have the same teacher I had for Pastry, which I am very excited about. I walked in and saw a guy that I have seen here and there throughout last quarter. He worked in the store room and I had seen him chatting with CJ so I figured he a.) has to have been here for awhile and b.) if he WORKS at the school, too, he has to be at least semi serious about his work. I was correct! I decided to go be at his table which happened to be the same table I was at last quarter. It ended up being just the two of us which suited me just fine. Chef CJ thought it was funny and a good thing that we were at the same table because we are both anal about things being done right and keeping things clean and are both "A" students. She was right. We also both have kids and have wanted to do this for a very long time so we had things to chat about while we worked. I think we will happily stick to this table together.

We made biscuits and scones today. The biscuits turned out great. The scones, not so much. I know why it happened, though, and made a successful batch at home tonight. The recipe gives weights and also measurements when it gets down to tiny numbers. It said a rediculously small number of oz OR 1 1/2 tsp. I chose to do 1 1/2 tsp since the scale was being used. Our measuring spoons are basically flat so they really don't measure accurately. I know that this is why my scones came out with the texture of pancakes. I didn't even give it a second thought, though, since I knew right away what happened. I didn't have time to remake them at school but whipped up a quick batch tonight that turned out perfect.
(Top photo: Cream almond scones at school with a garnish of devonshire cream and almonds slices
Middle photo: biscuits at school topped with cheese, a sausage patty, an egg over easy, and served with a side of sauteed mushrooms
Bottom photo: Cream chocolate chip scones served with coffee)

I also had purchasing and cost control this afternoon. I think the class will be fine. The teacher is thorough and people who have had him before says that as long as you pay attention in class you will do fine. I hope this is accurate information. There is math involved, but I feel confident in my skills in this area as it is applied to cooking and managing. This should be a great quarter! I'm looking forward to Skills on Thursday!

Oh yes! I passed my Servsafe test with a 90%! I am so happy and relieved!


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