Harmony's 5th Birthday

Monday, July 26, 2010

Well, my baby is FIVE. I cannot even believe it sometimes. She is growing up to be such an amazing young lady. I cannot even begin to tell you how proud I am of this girl every single day. She was SO excited for her birthday. All kids are, I know, but this year she REALLY was even more excited than any other year. She was pretty much just zooming around until the party began, and then until the party was over. It was the first time since school was out that she has seen some of her school friends, so that was even more exciting to her. Marc helped me out ALOT this year. We all went together to the party store to pick out party supplies, which was alot of fun.

I always let the kids pick out what kind of party and cake they want. This year Harmony wanted a dinosaur party and a triceratops cake, because triceratops are her favorite, "because of the frill." She wanted chocolate AND white cake. She showed me with her hands, making the layers stack up, "You know, Mommy? Like, chocolate, then white, then chocolate, then white...?" The cake was to be shaped like "A real one. That LOOKS like a triceratops. Not a triceratops ON the cake." She even got to pick out the colors and I had to make sure I got the number of toes right, too. I think he turned out pretty well, and Harmony was THRILLED.

When she woke up, Marc and I had the table all set up and the balloons all ready. She took a good little while to shake all the gifts and try to guess what was in each one. Then her and Layla raced around the house until guests arrived, despite our efforts to get them to calm down a little bit by putting on Dinosaur Train.

Overall it was a successful party, I think. Harmony got a TON of dinosaur items. Here she is hugging a dinosaur book and asking, "How did you KNOW I love dinosaurs???" Well, Harmony. I think anyone who has met you knows you love dinosaurs because you will probably roar at least once during the conversation.

We finished off the day by snuggling as a family and watching the DVD my parents put together when she was first born with a ton of birth and newborn pictures backed by "Let Them Be Little" by Lonestar. She really enjoyed that and spent awhile yesterday rewatching the video over and over. She tells me it's her favorite DVD.

She is growing up TOOOOOOO fast. I love seeing the changes, though, and like she always tells me, "Mommy, I CAN'T slow down. I am just growing up." Yes, Harmony. Yes, you are.


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