Quarter 3- week 1

Thursday, July 15, 2010

This week has been a little crazy. I usually will only have class Monday, Wednesday, Thursday but Marc had a class he had to go to for work in Orlando this week on Wednesday, so I had to take the other sections of the two classes I am supposed to have on Wednesday.

Monday was World Cuisine. I really think I am going to like that class, even though it is going to be ALOT of work. I am so excited to experience food from all over the world, and that I am going to not only get to TASTE it, but I am going to get to learn how to MAKE it. This week we had nine dishes to make. As a group of three, we each took three dishes. I made churros, stuffed olives, and squid with caramelized onions. These titles sound much fancier when you say them in Spanish. Oh yes. I may have forgotten to mention that the first two weeks are focusing on tapas from Spain. I'm sorry the pictures (and hot chocolate mug) are so sloppy but we barely had time to taste everything today because we, as a class, were running out of time.

Next week we will be cooking with rabbit and snails. I've become a much more adventurous eater and I am looking forward to at least being able to say I've tried these items. They've got to be good or these recipes wouldn't still be around, right?

I am also in Nutrition Science which I went to on Tuesday this week instead of Wednesday like I will usually. I'm looking forward to understanding better how to tweak Marc and I's eating habits to make them even more healthy. We do pretty well, I think, but we can always do better. This week we watched Super Size Me, which I've seen, but it was good to see it again. I also learned that every week we take a walk in that class in an attempt to get some fitness into our lives. I was looking forward to taking Wednesdays off from exercise since I'll have been in class all day long, but I doubt a walk around the pond REALLY counts as exercise, right?

Thursdays I have Menu Management. I am actually happier about that class than I thought I would be. I get to do my project on a pastry shop and we have to plan an actual menu for the restaurant, so I am really giddy over that. My mind is whirling with ideas. Since Katie and I have been talking about opening a bakery for so long, we obviously have SOME idea of what's going to be on the menu, but now I get to make specifics. We will also be making a floor plan for our restaurants, as well. I am also enjoying the fact that from the get go, the teacher has everything all laid out for us as far as requirements and what he is looking for. This makes me happy because the OCD side of me can start working on this in any spare time I have NOW. I don't have to wait until week 8 to have all the information to do what I need to do. Yay!

Tomorrow I will have my Product ID class. I will usually have this on Wednesdays.

This week has also been a little taxing because I was just put on a new medicine for anxiety. I quit taking it today, under direction of my doctor, because I was feeling extremely fuzzy headed and I couldn't focus well or remember pretty much anything. I felt like I was walking around in a haze. I was looking out of my eyes, but my body didn't feel like mine. It was like I was watching someone elses hands and feet moving. The kids would be talking to me, and I would be trying to load the dishwasher, and I literally could not do both things at once. Yeah. That's obviously not going to work in everyday life much less in a busy kitchen. I was having problems Monday when the teacher was trying to talk to us while we were supposed to be copying recipes and I couldn't do both. I had to stop and listen to her instead of doing the recipes. It was a very frustrating feeling. On top of all that, it wasn't helping (maybe it just didn't have time to) with my anxiety in the slightest. If anything, all the problems it was causing was giving me MORE anxiety and I was also feeling a bit paranoid. So back to the doctor I go to see what else they can do for me. This is not a good quarter for me to be having anxiety issues.

On THAT wonderful and uplifting note, I'll post more next week! :)


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