Asian- week 4

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Today in Asian we were still in China. I was tasked with Fried Rice and a Tofu dish. Both were made in the wok. I prepped all my mise en place and asked Chef to come hang out while I prepared the stir fried rice. I told her about my fears and she helped talk me through them. It was going well until I went to add the rice in at the end. There had been one bag of rice sitting out that was not labeled in English, so I just, erroneously, assumed that THAT was the rice I was supposed to use. Nope. I THOUGHT it was a little sticky, but thought maybe it would change in the wok. As soon as Chef saw it, she knew it was the wrong rice. She had me go rinse it under cold water to help break the mass apart. Another table did the same thing so I didn’t feel TOO bad. The end result tasted ok, but the texture was definitely off. I think I would have been fine if I had used the right rice. I did get complimented on having all my mise gathered and organized, though, and being prepared with my dump pot, strainer, and landing plate.

The tofu dish was extremely simple. I cut my tofu in too small of dice, but it still tasted amazing. I was shocked! I did NOT think I would care for a tofu dish so much, but this was absolutely delicious. It was so simple, too. There were a couple liquid ingredients that made the sauce, and then it was just tofu, green onions, and oil. Really. SO SIMPLE.

Hopefully next week my anxiety level will be reduced due to experience instead of xanax.


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