Classical- Week 7

Monday, February 28, 2011

This week we were in Switzerland. I prepared the Souffle Rothschild and the Chillbed Soup.

The Chillbed Soup recipe didn’t look very appealing to me. I was reading along and everything looked great until I read that I was supposed to beat some eggs and add it to the boiling liquid. That did not sound delicious to me, it looked kind of gross. Perhaps a poached egg would be more appetizing, but that’s not what the recipe said. To prepare this dish, you begin with stock and add a chicken and your basic mirepoix. Once it is simmered for almost an hour, you strain out the chicken and vegetables, cut the chicken up and add it to a bowl over steamed leeks. Then you bring the new stock back to a boil and add the beaten eggs and pour it over the chicken and leeks in the bowl. I chose to strain the stock again after the eggs were added and place a spoonful in the dish once the broth was added to the chicken and leeks and then chives were sprinkled on top for garnish. It made it a little more arranged looking and not quite so…messy. I enjoyed the flavor of the dish, but would definitely poach the eggs if I were making it at home.

The Souffle Rothschild was prepared in a different way than I was used to. A pate choux like dough was created and then whipped egg whites were folded in, along with macerated fruit. I baked a test batch to make sure it would rise as it was supposed to and to get a taste of the flavor before I created sauces to go with it. I decided to make an Almond Cream Sauce and a Macerated Cherry and Apricot Bavarian. I enjoyed the flavor combination and am going to make these for my husband for sure! I didn’t get a picture immediately out of the oven, although I made sure Chef Ridsdale saw it before it deflated.

I have really been enjoying the flavors that we have been exploring in this class. I am definitely going to be sad when it is over.


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