Floribbean Cuisine

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Floribbean Cuisine has been influenced greatly by Latin Cuisine, as well as that of the islands of the Caribbean. It's a relatively new Cuisine that is exciting and full of bright flavors.

Thursday I attended the afternoon section of American Regional because I went to an awards ceremony for my 5 1/2 year old at her school in the morning. I may have been complaining about the newbies in my morning class. I had no idea how good I had it!! The afternoon class was such a mess. In the morning class, we are usually done a little early and then out of there with plenty of time to spare. This class went on and on and on. People were screaming at each other and complaining over completing the chores that we have to do in EVERY LAB. Get over it! Do the work! The longer you complain or point fingers, the longer it takes to get stuff done. Just DO IT! I had to just put my head down, focus on my own work, and let that be that.

We each had to pan sear a grouper filet during the class. Everyone used too high of heat and too much oil, myself included. One kid used SO much oil and so high of heat that his pan flashed right next to me and scared the bejeebus out of me. I know I've mentioned before how terrified I am of fire. Then he kept turning his heat on high with a pan on it with oil in it and WALKING AWAY...OVER AND OVER even after several of us called him on it. I guess if the fire didn't teach him a lesson, several of his classmates telling him isn't going to do it either.

Friday we had a second opportunity to try to pan sear the grouper again. I appreciated this opportunity to correct the mistakes we all made. Mine came out wonderfully!! (And deliciously!!!) I'm excited to try the marinade we used in class on fish at home for Marc.

Thursday I also made Conch Chowder. This was not a terribly difficult recipe, but I really enjoyed the flavors that developed. We were supposed to grind the conch on a medium die, but Chef said to just cut it really small by hand. I did, and it worked out very well.

Friday I made the hush puppies and prepared the marinade for the group's fish. Once I began preparing the marinade, I realized that the person who made the marinade for our group the day before (in the afternoon class), apparently can't read recipes well. They had added mayonnaise to the mix. I thought it looked a little odd when I first saw the fish coated in this thick white paste, but thought that surely, SURELY the appropriate ingredients were used. Right.

The hush puppies were...well, hush puppies! I thought they could have used a little more flavor, but overall they were alright. I would have added a second jalapeno the second time around, I think, as well as some extra salt. I kept speaking to them while they were frying, "Come on boy! Tuuuuurn over! You can do it! Goooood booooy!!!!" This was because when they are done they "roll over onto their bellies" as the recipe puts it.

I then fried up some tortillas to serve with our tropical fruit salsa. I love fruit salsa more and more every time I eat it. I think it is something that I may become more interested in experimenting with when I get the opportunity. I would love to have some amazing salsas in my repertoire.

Next week we are going to be making Cajun food! I've typed the recipes already and there are just SO MANY that I want to prepare!! It should be a great week!


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