Catching up

Sunday, January 17, 2010

I emailed Chef CJ to let her know that I also had transferred into her Safety and Sanitation class on Mondays from 1-4. I wanted to let her know that I had gone to Chef Costas' class this past Monday and that I had thought he was teaching the later class as well, which was the reason I did not attend the afternoon class once my schedule was changed. I asked her to please send me a copy of the syllabus, if it wasn't too much of an inconvenience, and asked her to let me know what I missed and what homework I needed to have done for Monday the 1st.

They watched Food, Inc. and we are going to be doing a project on it on the 1st in class. Thankfully it is available for immediate viewing on Netflix. This give Marc and I something to do this evening once the Chargers game is over. He has nicely agreed to watch it with me...until he gets bored. I also have some reading to do. Not too bad, overall.

I finished my vocab terms for my Theories class this morning and started on the reading. I am feeling a little overwhelmed with that class. There are so many different small nuances between various stocks and reductions. I think I will be less anxious once I have had a quiz and know just how many details they want you to know. Do I need to know the process of making a stock and that is all? Do I need to know all the specific herbs that go in most stocks? Or do I need to be so detailed that I know the specific herbs that go in each stock, the way to tie the sachets, etc? For the time being I am stressing out because I want to know all the specifics just in case.

I am off to lend support to my husband and the Chargers and then enjoy his support while watching Food, Inc. with me.


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