Sunday, January 31, 2010

Well, it was discovered that there are five of us in my concepts and theories class that are not in the skills lab. We all have been having trouble keeping up with the teacher since he is constantly referencing things that the other students have worked on in skills lab. Then he would kind of skim over some things because of that. The other students and I all talked and we realized that we all walked out of the class more confused than when we walked in. This was brought to the attention of Chef Mattern and he talked with the teacher of the class and he is making some changes to how he approaches the class. Friday was much better. I'm sure part of it was that we were doing the chapter on eggs and breakfast foods, but I think part of it was that he didn't reference the skills lab quite so much.

We had our first quiz in that class. I whizzed through it. I think that all the reading and rereading I did really paid off. When we were reviewing right before the quiz, I actually seemed to be more comfortable with the material than some of the students who were in the lab. It was hard work, but I definitely feel that it paid off.

We also had our first quiz in pastry. I am confident in all my answers except one, and even with reviewing, I'm not sure whether my answer was correct. I guess I will see when I get it back on Monday.

I finished my first "research" paper for safety and sanitation. I put research in quotations because even though I did quite a bit of research, I have a hard time labeling a 3 page minimum paper *mine ended up being 6 with the references* a research paper. I suppose that is something in my own head, but research papers to me are much, MUCH longer than 3 pages. Thank you AP classes at Jackson High School. On the same note, we were split into groups for my concepts class and told about another "research" paper we are to do. There are four of us in the group and the paper has to be...wait for it...3-5 pages. Really. I mean, I'm not complaining, I just find it funny that we could each write less than a page for this project.

Balancing home life and schoolwork has been a bit of a challenge. This week I also worked a full day at Doing Dishes which gave Marc another full day of childcare duty. Harmony is doing fine but Layla is missing Mommy quite a bit. I'm sure we will all adjust, but we are just trying to rearrange housework and childcare duties to work for all members of the family. I'm pretty much studying every spare moment I have, which sometimes cuts out my nap time. I also feel like I am having to choose between exercising and schoolwork sometimes. It's all part of an entirely new routine in our family, but in the long run, I think it will pay off.


smbracy said...

You are right, all of your hard work studying will pay off. Just breathe, step back and realize that your sacrificing will help to provide more for you and your family in the long run. I know that is easier said than done. Love ya!

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