Tomorrow is the big day

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Tomorrow is my first day of school. I have Sanitation and Safety from 8-12 and we already have planned for Marc to take me and pick me up because it is supposed to be the coldest day yet here in Jacksonville. Yes. We are in the middle of a long cold snap here in northern Florida. We have had reports of snow on various sides of the county and the sprinklers have been freezing water on trees. I suppose I should have prefaced all of this by saying that we only have one car, so if one person is using it for something, the other parent walks Harmony and Layla to/from preschool. In normal weather this isn't a problem and is actually enjoyed since it gets us out of the house and exercising. In 20 degree weather, however, not so much. So Marc and the girls will be taking me to my first day of school. Then I will hang around after my class until they make it back to pick me up. This will be at least a half hour wait, since Harmony doesn't get out until noon at the earliest. It will give me a chance to ask the teacher some of the questions that have been floating around in my head about my classes. I will have the same teacher for all classes except for computer, so I can make sure I have what I need for my classes the rest of the week.

I have been reading my "On Cooking" textbook and finished the first chapter today. I then went back through and took notes. I finished up by doing the quiz at the end of the chapter. Marc laughed at me. I know I won't have time to do all of that, possibly, for every chapter but I am bound and determined to give this everything I've got this time around.

12 1/2 hours until I am in the car headed to class. I have the alarm and coffee pot set to go of at 6am. My clothes are ready to go. I have everything ready to head out the door. I feel like a kid on Christmas Eve and I'm sure I will have trouble sleeping tonight.


mom said...

I am so proud on you! Blessings! I pray God will use this opportunity to develop all the wonderful talents He has given you.

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