Tuesday, March 1, 2011

In Asian this week, we cooked food from Korea. I made Pork Wontons and Seasoned Mushrooms. We made half the wontons with pre-made wrappers and half with dough we made ourselves. Patrick helped assemble the triangle ones (he demands credit! haha) and I assembled the round ones. The home made dough was definitely chewier than those made with the bought wrappers. I think if a.) the dough had more time to sit and b.) I had used the pasta machine to roll them out, the dough wouldn't have been quite so chewy. The flavors were delicious, though. It had an egg, sesame oil, soy sauce, ginger, and garlic mixed with the ground pork. Then they are placed in the wrappers and fried. It is served with a seasoned soy sauce mixture.

The mushrooms were very, VERY easy. I totally forgot about trimming the very ends off the mushrooms, though, so some of them were a little chewy. But once they were cut in small strips, they were sauteed with garlic and sesame oil and tossed with a little soy sauce. Easy peasy.

I love, love, LOVED the Ribs that Jimmy made. Literally, at the end of class, there was ONE bowl of food left on the table. Everything else was completely devoured. The ribs were cute very thin and scored before being marinated and grilled. Then they are cut into small pieces and dipped in the seasoned soy sauce. Absolutely phenomenal.

I HIGHLY enjoyed the flavors this week. I think I just love ginger, garlic, soy, and sesame with just about anything. I need to start utilizing these flavors more at home.


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