Angel Food Cake

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Being the person that I am, I just couldn't let the angel food cake problem go. So we headed to the store and got the couple of things we needed to make an angel food cake here at the house.

I don't have a whip attachment for my mixer, so Marc helped me whip the egg whites by hand. Our arms were killing us, but we did it! It looked wonderful once everything was all mixed and I poured it in the pan. I had to use a bundt pan instead of the classic tube pan since I didn't have one of those, either. I cooked it on a slightly lower temperature than the recipe called for since the pan I was using was a heavy, dark pan.

Once it was finished baking, I pulled it out and inverted it onto the neck of a bottle like the book said. Once it was cooled, I released it from the pan. I held my breath as I sliced into the cake. And then I breathed a sigh of relief. It was moist and light and fluffy and the crumb was correct. SUCCESS!! I know it doesn't look gorgeous, but that is in part because of the pan I used. I also was going to get strawberries to make a glaze to put on the top, but they were $4.99 for a small container. I'm glad I didn't, because they are $2.99 this week. Not that it helps with the angel food cake, but it's the principle of the thing.


My confidence has been restored. I would attempt- correction- I would BAKE a high ratio cake here at home, as well, but there are several ingredients in it that I would have to go out and purchase and the probably never use again. So I am going to let that one go. I may have time in class next week to complete another batch with my group.


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