Saturday, February 6, 2010

I have received a few grades so far in my various classes. I'm satisfied with most of them. Extremely satisfied with some.

In pastry, I received a 95% on my first quiz.

In sanitation and safety, I earned a 100% on a paper I had to write. I earned only a 70% *7 out of 10* on a quiz, however. The class average was a 62%. She did give us some extra questions at the end of class, though, to help boost our grades. We have not received those back yet.

In concepts, we got our first quiz back yesterday. I got 100%- 45 out of 45! That made me extremely happy. It lets me know that what I'm doing is paying off! I feel I did ok on the quiz we took yesterday, as well. Next week is the midterm and he gave us all the questions. I should do fine on that, as well. I also asked him if he could please clarify the answers when he asks questions to the students. He listened and did so in class yesterday. I am so thankful!

I just wanted to give that quick update. I am stepping it up in sanitation and safety. I didn't realize how specific the quizzes were going to be so now I know how I need to study. I am also buckling down to study for the midterm in pastry. My weekend is going to be extremely full.


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