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Saturday, May 15, 2010

"feels like some kind of ride but it's turning out just to be life going absolutely perfectly" ~Brian Andreas, StoryPeople

Things have been a bit hectic around here for me lately. I have ALOT going on: Classes, homework and studying, parenting, being a wife, showering...and I've taken on Cookies for a Cause to raise money for my sister and her family. Their situation has been weighing on me for some time now, and I wanted so much to be able to help. It's hard to know what to do when you are in Florida and your sister is in Ohio. My best friend started talking about organizing a fundraiser and while mulling that over, Cookies for a Cause popped into my head.

Monica once sent me a card that said to continue using food as my "Love Language." I loved that. I loved that because it's true. I even said in my application process that one reason I love to cook for people is because it is a way to connect with them. Food is such a personal thing to share with someone, as is any craft. You are putting a piece of yourself out there to be either enjoyed or criticized. This is why I don't understand those people who are cooking and have the attitude of, "Eh, it's good enough." Good enough? Good enough, for me, is only when it's my personal best. It's good enough when I have done the absolute best I could do. When someone eats your food, there is such a level of trust there. With many other crafts or jobs, you may look at or use the product, but with food you are putting it IN YOUR BODY. If you don't trust someone, if that person doesn't take the necessary precautions while preparing your food, you could end up really sick.

On the lighter side, though, when you take a bite of something that is absolutely delectable, it can take a really tough day, and at least for a moment, make it a little better. *I'm sure a therapist would say something about not using food for comfort, but in some cases, it's just necessary. I'm SURE you have all had at least one day where you just had to have a piece of chocolate or a good steak and when you took a bite, you closed your eyes and everything went away for the moment that you savored that bite. It may all come rushing back as soon as you open your eyes, but that moment is SO worth it.*

These are a couple of reasons that I love food. I love cooking. I love that this is a way that I can connect and share with people. I love that this is a way that I can help my sister. I'm busy. I am extremely busy. I love it, though. I am loving every single second of it. I was a stay at home mom for over 5 years including pregnancy. I loved it. I was so thankful for the opportunity to spend the time with Harmony and Layla. It was also a little monotonous at times, though. The same routines, the lack of mental stimulation, busy in a different way. I had to work to stay busy and engaged. There are only so many times you can sing Twinkle, Twinkle before your mind starts to drift. You begin to worry about things not because they are actually worth worrying over, but because your mind has nothing else to do. I am absolutely positive that many of the stay at home parents out there know this feeling.

Being this busy is a wonderful feeling. It may be stressful at times, but I wouldn't change it. Sometimes that extra stress is what gives you that push to really get things done and to blow people away. I may not have the time I used to have to exercise as much as I was able to when I was just staying at home, but I'm learning to be ok with that. I feel like the things that are the most important right now are being taken care of, for the most part. I am happier than I have been in a long, long time. I am doing something I love. I am so thankful for that opportunity every single day. I am thankful for the support of my amazing husband, my family, and my friends. Not everyone gets to do what they love for the rest of their lives. It blows me away daily that I have been given this chance and I am making the most out of every second of it.


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