Week 6 baking

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

This is going to be short because I am exhausted. This week in baking we made pizza. I chose to make a hawaiian pizza with bbq sauce, sliced fresh pineapple, mushrooms, and bacon topped with, of course, mozzarella cheese. It turned out well and I shared it with my friend, Natane, who has America Regional in the lab next door.

We also made onion bread rings which I didn't taste because Marc won't kiss me after I eat onions. It looked like it came out good, though, although we forgot to add herbs in during the mixing stage so we kneaded them in later and they didn't get very evenly distributed.

We made English muffin loaves this week, as well. Ours was a definite fail- probably because the pan was sprayed with pan spray and then was supposed to be sprinkled with cornmeal and then the batter should be poured in. Someone forgot the cornmeal, though, poured in the batter, remembered the cornmeal, poured out the batter, didn't wipe out the pan or pan spray it again, kind of sprinkled it with cornmeal, and then poured the batter back in. So...I wasn't surprised it failed. Here is a picture of a properly made loaf, though.

We then finished the day by making milk bread. When this guy was done, I thought it looked like a caterpillar, so I made it so. How do you like the little guy? The texture and the taste of the bread was nice- a little sweeter than the breadsticks we made the other week, and little more moist.

Now I am off to study for class tomorrow. At some point I will update on Skills last week.


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