Week 8-baking

Saturday, May 29, 2010

This week in baking we made cinnamon swirl raisin bread, hot cross buns, and used the danish dough we made last week to make pastries- I made mine into bear claws, some made theirs into pinwheels.

The cinnamon swirl and hot cross bun dough were easy peasy. The raisins were a little difficult to knead in because they were conditioned first *soaked in hot water to rehydrate a little* so they were slippery and the dough was slippery from the butter that gets added at the end. Those two things together made it so the raisins just kept slipping out. It was odd, but in the end it all worked out.

The hot cross buns were interesting. They had cardamom in them which I have never had before, along with cinnamon, cloves, and allspice. I drizzled them with a sinfully rich and indulgent glaze made only from confectioners sugar and- wait for it- heavy whipping cream. Seriously, there is no other word but sinful to describe that glaze. It was so thick and creamy and complemented the rolls perfectly.

We formed our laminated dough this week, as well. A laminated dough is one that you mix and then roll into a rectangle, spread with softened butter, fold in thirds to encase the butter in the dough, refrigerate to let the dough and butter harden. Then you take it out, roll into a rectangle again, fold in quarters, refrigerate, and repeat. Once all the "turns" have been completed, you have puff pastry that you can form into many other things. I made mine into bear claws with almond cream in the center. They were delicious, but SO unhealthy.

It was also Chef Mattern's birthday on Tuesday, so CJ enlisted my help to make a plate for him. I warmed the chocolate and she piped the words on the plate while I made some chocolate covered strawberries. Then I chose a pastry from another team *ours weren't out of the oven yet*, sprinkled it with powdered sugar for effect, and arranged it on the plate and put it on his desk for him to find later.

I also got my latest quiz back and I was the ONLY one who got the bonus question right this week. I haven't had a single quiz/test in baking that I have received under 100%. That makes me thrilled.

Next week we are making cookies and brownies!


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